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Passion Fruit, or Maracuja, grows in abundance in Azores. Passion Fruit is an integral part of the island’s cuisine and is known as the fruit of tranquility. Maracuja is used in baked goods, cakes, yogurt, mousse, jams and jellies, sodas, liquors, and tea. Our Aguardente is distilled from fine local Central California grapes. Aguardente Maracuja is very nice to sip chilled on ice. Some prefer it with an addition of soda water or a splash of sparkling wine. Aguardente Maracuja is our homage to the old world tradition in honor of our culture. Celebramos!


Slo de Vie Distillery – Casa De Aguardente is proud to present the ancient way of making Aguardente Anise. Just two ingredients are used: grape spirit and anise seeds. Both are distilled together using a traditional copper pot still. The resulting spirit is subtle, aromatic and deeply comforting! It is customary to mix the spirit with water in a glass at which point it will turn into a light milky color. Aguardente Anise pairs well with mussels, scallops, bacalao, feta, and goat cheese with basil and olives. It is nice to sip at the end of a meal, or any other time! Aguardente Anise is our way to pay respect to the old Portuguese and Azorean traditional favorite libation.


Mulher Velha Aguardente has been created using an old-world tradition, which I have carried with me from my childhood home in the Azores Islands of Portugal. At Slo De Vie Distillery, we combine two traditional styles of this spirit: Vinica, which is distilled from young fresh wine, and Bagaceira, which is distilled from pomace (pressed grape skins). We use pomace from choice vineyards in Edna Valley on California’s Central Coast. It is processed immediately after pressing to capture delicate flavors. Only destemmed grapes make it into our traditional Copper Pot still, thus avoiding any hint of wood alcohol.

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